Monday, April 13, 2009

weekend update and a new arrival

beacuse easter was yesterday we've postponed cfs to wednesday this week and i'll be making our chinese food, homemade and healthy? hot diggity dog... denise is excited:we did chill with the ayo-raders (pat & denise) saturday night after dianne's birthday party at haciend (surprising to anyone that knows her but denise was really that happy at hacienda) and i just had to get some photos of their new baby up here, she's almost 10 weeks old and her name is emmy, a nice fit with their other dog, oscar (get it? oscar & emmy!!!) anywho... for those of you that haven't seen her on their respective facebook pages, the emmy goes to: anyone trying to take her picture!
we did do the family thing on easter and i don't have time to put up all of the pictures my nieces took for me but i'll get them up later tonight, here is a photo i took of the boat that tyler and i (mainly i) built sunday afternoon, it's a guppy and supposedly will actually float if you buy waterproofing spray... and no, we didn't make it out of the nilla wafers in the background, those were needed to help prop it up. see ya'll later!

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