Wednesday, April 15, 2009

herro at home...

tonight was cfw and we did it at home and healty! we had a full dinner made entirely from biggest loser recipes and here are the results:
this was supposed to be szechuan beef but i quickly found out that szechuan sauce is super spicy and since josh, pat & i don't do spicey very well we changed it to general tsao's beef and it was fantastic! we'll definitely be making it again
this was our sweet & sour chicken which, i may be biased in saying this but, was even better than take-out, josh doesn't usually eat the sweet & sour sauce but he did eat it since it was all over the chicken.
and finally, we come to dessert, delicious kaluah and chocolate mousse parfait... wait, where'd it go? looks like denise got to it first but it was delicious and healthy (sorry again pat, i really had no clue that you didn't like whipped cream)...
josh says he's still hungry i'm sure it was just because the men would probably have eaten the whole batch of chinese themselves instead of sharing it with denise and i if they had the chance. after dinner pat decided he was going to style denise's hair (with his stylus, sorry that was a joe joke), i don't think she was very excited about it.
after dessert we kept our thrifty date nite theme with a cheap move, we watched 'paul blart, mall cop' and even though denise thought it was one of the worse movies ever made (not anywhere close to her type of movie) josh, pat and i thought it was hilarious and kevin james is still on my list of comedy's greats, well maybe not greats, but definitely up there with the good ones. it was eventually over and denise got to leave to go home and read something intellectual. all in all it was a great cfw and we'll be doing it again soon!

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