Friday, July 31, 2009

team bang prepares...

we gathered, we ate, we crafted. team bang (in honor of our new favorite game) gathered tonight to decorate our logan's run shirts, eat a delicious healthy dinner and make a quick plan about meeting tomorrow. instead of taking photos while we were decorating, we talked and ate so you can't see our delicious dinner but you will see our shirts in tomorrows photos. my show and tell for tonight is this:
an amazing dessert my sister found at sam's club that is sugar free and has only 14 caloies per bar. for those of you not following the weight watchers points plan, that means zero points which means zero guilt and 100% happiness. i've been told by my seester they are less than $7 for 30 of these delicious bars which means that they're budget friendly as well (good find seester!!!) and now to sleep, perchance to dream... of a 45 minute 5k. g'nite!

me and my gang...

tomorrow is 5k race day for logan's center so tonight lauren and i will pick up the race packets and bring them back to my house were we, the ayo-raders (pat & denise) & my seester lisa will decorate shirts to our hearts content and enjoy some delicious dinner... we're going to grill chicken and asparagus, bake zucchini fries and red potatoes, make some noodles (gotta have some carbs!) and have a salad (if it sounds a bit heavy on the veggies it is, but they're zero points for weight watchers and delicious!!! if we decorate and eat in a timely fashion we may play some bang too, i'll be posting photos and race results tomorrow, wish us luck !!!
if you'd like to run/walk in the morning feel free to come join us, registration details are at the're having a free family fun fest tomorrow as well with bouncy houses and other stuff for the itty-bitties!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

old photos...

why don't more people keep their really old photos out and on display? i've been working through several of the bennett's old photos to hang in the rooms i'm doing there and for my own walls at home and have so many favorites already, here are some of the best and i'll definitely be posting more once i get them scanned in and ready for printing and hanging,

it's really a shame that people keep these old gems in a box in a closet or don't even keep them at all, i just love them!

it was a bangin good time...

homemade pizza wednesday came to our house last night and along with the ayo-raders came our new favorite game (well, theirs and mine, josh wasn't too into it). it's an italian card game based on the american old west and it's called bang. let me tell you, the number of jokes about bangin each other do not get old and (if you've seen my twitter recently you already know this) can be repeated over and over quickly without anyone getting upset. the number of times i banged pat, and denise, and they banged me back. the game goes quickly and you can play several rounds in an evening. we will be bangin again soon but not before our sushi date tomorrow evening. casi will be joining denise and i, we just need to pick the place and time!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

rockne & lou all in one day!

mom came with sara, dave, tyler and i to the enshrinement today to relax after a long week of vbs and work, we had to sit and wait in the grass for the pep rally and ceremony to begin, these things never start on time! but once it started it was a great time, we were right up front and i got this great shot of lou and watched him get his enshrinement jacket
and once it was finished we had some great walking tacos and an elephant ear followed by a photo-op next to the rockne statue
a great time had by all and an awesome end to the week!

the end of an era (or at least a very long week)...

yesterday was the end of vbs 2009 and it was a huge success:
5 great days of singing & learning fun which was displayed during the program on friday night 100 happy children and their families nearly 400 items collected for hope ministries which more than filled the 17 foot canoe we borrowed as a propand all sorts happy memories for everyone. it makes me wonder how we made it through some days but knowing my extreme amount of sleepyness only makes me wonder how sara, dave, lisa, joe and all of the other teachers and volunteers survived it since most of them have kids and were working on it so much longer than i was. once the program was over and the last parents left we went to hacienda for some well deserved margaritas, dave even had them sing to joe since it was his birthday a few days ago!

thanks for letting me come along on this amazing journey, i feel totally blessed that i was able to participate and even though it probably sounds crazy, i'm in for next year, ready to help any way i can!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

so very busy...

the second room in my big project at sue's was started this week, the master suite... here is the only shot of the 'before' that shows the very matchy-matchy bedding, curtains and lovely wallpaper border. what you can't really see is that the walls were a decently lovely soft green but still very dated. what was worse was the master bathroom, incredibly dated and soooo ready to be gone, see:
wallpaper in these kind of patterns should have been outlawed! on the up side, it did come down relatively easy and after patching just a bit, painting, new bedding and curtains it's much improved.
now we just need to find artwork, accessories and a medicine cabinet and shelves and the room will be complete.
i had to get the hard part of that project done this week because next week starts vbs (vacation bible school) at church and i've volunteered to help my sister and brother-in-law, the vbs coordinators and kids worship leaders at our church. casi & paige will be attending so it's a good opportunity for me to help out and spend time with the girls too. this year's theme is 'son rock kids camp' so the whole church has been turned into a campsite for the week (minus a few hours tomorrow when it will be turned back into a church for a funeral). here's a small part of what we got done todayi'll try to get some of the photos of the classrooms set up as their own camp sites. i'll be there all week as well as trying to find all of the finishing touches for the rooms at sue's. if anyone has any ideas about what to add to the rooms i'll welcome your ideas!

Monday, July 6, 2009

big big projects..

since i have quite a bit of time on my hands, not working and all, my mother-in-law has let me loose on her second floor. the guest bathroom is the only room on the second floor that isn't getting a makeover. the first room we started with used to be josh's when he was at home and sue had already taken down the very dated wallpaper, repaired the walls and painted it blue. the problem is that she HATED how it turned out. the white furniture against the blue walls and just looked blah:but i came to the rescue, painted all of the furniture pieces black, hung some old family phots and a painting that josh's grandfather did almost 50 years ago that has been sitting in the basement and she loves it. we have a few more things to put in, a light fixutre to change and a valance to make and we'll be done but so far it looks a thousand times better than it did before and the room feels like a welcoming space to relax instead of a room where lots of miscellaneous furniture was being stored. next up will be the master bedroom and what used to be becky's room, followed by sara's former bedroom room which is now an office and lastly the master bathroom which needs some serious help.

along with all of that i've also volunteered to help my sister-in-law with vacation bible school at church and help some other family and friends with their design projects... what have i gotten myself into??? here are the outside photos of the diamond lake house that i'm gong to do some work once the inside finishing work is done. first, a view from the street which is technically the back of the house and then the lake view, it's so beautiful:

i can't wait to get started, tom & elaine have made some amazing decisions already and i only hope that i can help make the rest of the process a bit easier for her!