Wednesday, April 8, 2009

house cleaning and my new favorite book...

ARRRGGGGG... so i said i was going to type my blog in all lower case but today is the day for some uppercase letters too. it's two weeks and two days until the big family garage sale, yay! i cannot believe it will be here that soon, we've got a lot to sell and it will be nice to have the extra space in all of our closets, drawers, cupboards, etc. on the down side though, i've been spending most of my non-working moments sorting, purging, cleaning, sorting more, throwing more away, and exhausted. We were working so much that we decided to put rocknelou outside to let her run around, not chase the kitty, not shred anything, not get into the trash, etc. apparently she ran around quite a bit because she has now been sleeping all evening. check this out, she started wedged in behind the pillows:
then rolled part way over to stretch, she's such a silly girl!as if that's not enough josh & i also decided that we're going on a serious spending diet (UGH) and part of 'the plan' for us is to eat at home or take food to work from home. since we're making it ourselves it may as well be healthy, right? so now i've got the added stress of cooking something that is actually healthy, or at least mostly healthy which bring me to my new favorite book, or rather books!
We had the steak fajitas tonight (BLFC pg. 150) and even though we didn't use 'low-carb whole wheat tortillas' it was delicious and still pretty healthy. I think this week's cfs is going to be either sweet and sour chicken (BLFC pg 114) or szechuan beef & broccoli (BLFC pg 153). it also has some fantastic desserts and appetizers that look like something josh would even eat. did anyone else know that a healthy dessert could consist of chocolate graham crackers, cool whip and peanut butter? or that a healthy breakfast could be bananas, yogurt, strawberries and chocolate sauce? not necessarially every morning but heck, i can have a (sort-of) banana split for breakfast and some (almost) s'mores with my dinner!
i'm one very happy girl tonight, hope everyone else is having a good week!

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