Wednesday, November 16, 2011

flower power...

after one craftastic sunday and a few days in between i'm nearly finished making paper flowers for that wedding which, i'm happy to announce is my sister's!!! we've changed the color palette since i last posted since she won't be using the paper flowers for her wedding next year but is actually planning on using them for her engagement dinner, engagement photos and then eventually as decoration in her house.  super duper thanks to burrygirl aka. michelle, and to my dad for lots of help during that craftastic sunday afternoon where lisa & i thought we might eventually go mad from all of the folding and gluing and repeating...  i'm still working on the arrangement because we ended up with four coordinating cream & charcoal papers and a couple of velum papers and i want to get a nice arrangement but i love the way they're coming together.  i think we've spent about $15 on paper, gems and wire so far and could still make a couple dozen or more flowers.

i'll definitely update once they're arranged but i'm loving the way they turned out... if they weren't so complicated i'd probably make a wreath but by then i'd look like an old japanese woman (because it's origami...and it would take until i'm 80).