Friday, April 3, 2009

my mom is an actress again

tuesday night was a day i didn't think i'd see, at least not in this lifetime. dad and i went to see mom make her return to the stage, and her debut was, in a word, inspiring.
that's dad and I in our small but cushiony seatsi don't remember a time that my mom was the 'get loud' 'get crazy' type except around family, although i had heard stories of her acting in high school and college. it all started about a month or so ago when i got a crazed facebook message from mom that she had emailed in an audition (didn't know that was possible) for a production of our town at notre dame and got the part! now, anyone that knows my mom knows that she is a huge fan of anything stage & screen but for it to be at notre dame 'the happiest place on earth' and to be on the debartolo mainstage of all places, it was the debut we had been waiting for! it was a small part, a dead person in the 3rd act, but the dead people are on stage for all of the 3rd act and she had lines!!! who returns to the stage after 30+ years (a guess based on my age and the photos i've seen of productions she worked on) and gets to do it on the mainstage at notre dame?????

there's the set, hard to see but it's totally empty except for the hundreds of lightbulbs hanging from the ceiling (if you've not seen our town they keep the set super simple to emphasize the back to basics theme) and below is the program, there's her name, 5th down in the list of "townspeople"

the whole show was great, very emotional and a good reminder to stop and take a minute to enjoy life and i highly encourage you to see if it if you have the chance either tonight or tomorrow that she will be in or on sunday but she won't be there because of work.

congrats mom, i couldn't be happier!!! i'm anxiously awaiting the next production and will keep you posted...

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Anonymous said...

Aww! I didn't know! That is so awesome for your Mom. How great to see her. (This is Denise)