Friday, June 11, 2010

Happy Birthday Dave!!!

even though dave and sara won't be home from uganda for a week we decided to celebrate dave's birthday the way we would if he was home, an awesome dinner at hacienda. we started with chips and salsaand quickly our margaritas came. we had to have strawberry because that's dave's favoritetyler didn't actually have any margarita but i thought it would be funny!lisa and i had ours and casi and paige posed nicely... well, they were there. after a long wait they were just happy to have some chips and drinks. bruce was happy to have his margarita as well, not strawberry i had the small wet burrito with sour cream and guacamole... sooo good!lisa had a beef and cheese burrito with ricesue had a fajita quesadillabruce had a chimichangabarb had a wet burritodave had fettucinityler, of course, had the chicken fingers and fries and casi did toopaige had the baby burgerslisa and i finished "dave's" liter and then started oursand of course, lisa had to give ty some kisses from dave and sara...

we had an awesome time and can't wait to have dinner with all of them when they get home next week!