Thursday, September 16, 2010

a post for sara & rachelle...

just a quick update on what's been going on around here while sara & rachelle are just a couple hours away from waking up on what is, their much awaited court date in uganda!! since they left on monday we have:

played peek-a-book with lex (not really, he had rolled over and just looked really silly so i thought fiona might think it's funny)made a wreath from paper leaves (a premade kit from martha stewart crafts found at big lots!)my dad and i took a trip to shipshewana and watched the storm clouds roll in and out while shoppingwe shopped for fabrics for my soon-to-be aprons and for a quilt he's working onand got some inspiration (although dad says this is super tricky)oh yea, and before that shopping trip, i got a haircut! this is definitely the shortest it's been since i was an infant but i love it
well, that's all that i've been up to but tomorrow i'm going to a football game to watch casi & paige cheer so i'll put up some pics of that. miss you both!

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

one final faf...

so i've been trying to be a better person and improve myself (be the salt and the light as one might say) but sometimes its impossible to ignore what i see (or are forced to see because someone else saw it and emailed me the photo in this case) so, here you go

so i would hope that this is my last faf post but this new path for me is just like going on a diet, someone somewhere right now is baking cookies that will jump in my path and i'm going to have to post the pics as evidence!