Wednesday, April 29, 2009

the sickness...

i felt like i was nearly dying sunday night when, after having several days off work for the big family garage sale, i returned home from work and started running a fever. further proof that i am alergic to work and should become a stay at home doggie and kitty mom. after sleeping horribly sunday night and off and on monday i finally got some sleep and started to feel better. no, i didn't have the swine flu or sars (although, with the amount of chinese food we've eaten regularly it wouldn't have surprised me). i realized that every year around this time i get the worst upper-respiratory cold thing that knocks me out for a couple of days when everyone kicks on their air and the air inside is way drier than the outside and my system doesn't handle it well. on the upside, i'm feeling really good today minus the congestion. the down side is that now i have to catch up on laundry and dishes and keeping my horseydoggie tired so she doesn't shred anything or eat the kitty's head. the last few days she's been guarding our house from her position on the sofa:
now i just wish she'd actually guard us instead of barking at leaves and squirrels and the dog across the street. when people walk in the house she barks so quietly i wouldn't hear it if she wasn't trying to hide under my legs... silly dog, have to love her though

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