Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Birthday & Easter Hunter!!

so as you may or may not know, our friend brian has a son named hunter that will be turning one on wednesday (tax day)!! and yes, brian and tiffany are still in the process of divorce and it's still not happy. so back to hunter... his birthday party is tomorrow (saturday) and then easter is sunday so tiffany has combined both events into one weekend. i have to work tomorrow so i can't stop by the birthday party and i'm quite sure i'm not welcome to stop by on easter so brian and i went shopping for presents tonight and i'm sending mine with him. shopping for the itty bitties is harder than i thought. since tiffany doesn't seem to like me very much, and i am not her biggest fan, i was going to buy hunter some noisy toys but after realizing that they're much more expensive than i remember buying for casi when she was little i decided to get things to go with what bryan bought. for his birthday brian bought the radio flyer tricycle and a nascar 'cat' shirt (as in the big yellow, heavy machinery caterpiller trucks) and for easter he got hunter the mega blocks 'cat' dumptruck, a chocolate bunny and a stuffed dog that looks something like a cross between rocknelou and brian's dog daisy. i got him the mega blocks fire truck that isn't as big as the dumptruck but the blocks are all the same size so he can play with them. here's what it looked like all put together and wrapped as much as possible:
it is his first birthday so we tred to get a few things he could play with now as well as a few things he'll grow into over the next year, the blocks will probably end up being thrown or chewed on or knocked around now but the puppy is soft and cuddly and he'll be able to push the trike and trucks until he's a bit more stable on his feet. all in all i think we did a good job for me not planning on getting anything until a couple days ago and brian wanting to get everything in sight! i guess that's all for now, i hope hunter has a great birthday and easter (and that i get to see some pictures of him and his dad playing) g'nite everyone!

ps. let's hope brian isn't in jail by the end of the weekend... don't ask

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