Friday, May 21, 2010

Fashion Aneurysms Abound!!

hey all! i hope you don't think that i missed faf on purpose or that all of a sudden things in indiana have become so great that we don't need fashion aneurysm friday, it's just that my phone has been wonky the last few weeks and my wonderful husband 'fixed' it yesterday in hopes to make it send emails again. long story short, once it was re-set it couldn't find the mail settings i needed so i couldn't send from any accounts including the one i could before it was 'fixed'. it took some time after work but it's finally working and i can get back to the important job i have in reporting the bad things i see.

So here we are at preschool graduation... i realize that not everyone gets really excited for the little milestones but the kids worked hard to learn some songs and we generally feel like it's important to dress appropriately. in my book this means that the guy in jeans and a ball cap is underdressed but not bad since it's a 20 minutes program and the kid's graduation hats were made from paper plates (super cute!) when your cut offs are so short that people don't realize you're wearing cut offs until you stand up though, we have a problem!and no, giant camo shorts with an oversized wrestling shirt and greasy hair is not appropriate dress either. stacy & clinton would shurely have a fit to see the lack of fit in this person's wardrobe. again, i realize that it's only preschool graduation but these parents had their children dressed up for the event so they had some sort of clue how to dress, they chose not to!this one was taken at the bowling alley and i'm pretty sure this girl is only 16 or so. Her shorts were cute and this top wouldn't have made this post if it weren't for the fact that the tank under the blue puffy/elasticized shirt was bigger and longer which should have been a clue that the blue shirt was a wee bit too small. if you have to wear something under it to keep your belly from hanging out, and it's not a suit jacket or something you're supposed to wear a shirt under, it's the wrong size!here's one i caught walking down the street. she's so petite that the faded black skinny jeans she's wearing (i'm pretty sure they're from the 1st round of skinny jeans circa 1991 - 1994) paired with the long sleeve harley shirt in a different shade of black worn with bright white canvas shoes make her look incredibly outdated. I'm sure stacy and clinton would say something about her needing a boot cut or straight leg pant here.

that's all for now folks, until next week!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

won't take a DNA test...

... how dumb can you be?



Friday, May 14, 2010

it's friday... here's a look at this week's fashion aneurysm. the first pic you see was taken quite some time ago and i stumbled across it while doing some editing. can anyone spot the aneurysm here? not the guys in the button downs or polo, or that cute pink dress denise is wearing. yes, it is the bright yellow nascar shirt paired with the yellow and black CAT hat. why is this a problem? it wouldn't be if were just hanging out 'cause that's just brian and how he dresses himself without supervision. at least it was clean, matching, tucked in, and it fit. this was a problem because the rest of us had just finished a lovely dinner at a local japanese restaurant where we were fairly dressed up and this is how brian chose to dress up. i know it's not criminal since this is indiana but it's all i had.

or at least, all i thought i had to post today and then my sister emailed me a link to this:
how the heck did i miss that? i really need to keep up on my celebrity news. thanks mariah and nick, priceless!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

late mother's day present

here's a video they showed at church on mother's day and lisa & i got to see it for the first time today, thanks to my mother-in-law! both of my nieces and my nephew is in it which is pretty cool, check it out :)

Mother's Davy Video from Harris Prairie on Vimeo.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

away they go...

i just wanted to do a quick post to say how incredibly proud of and amazed at my sister-in-law and brother-in-law i am. as you know from my previous posts they are in the process of adopting an amazing beautiful girl from uganda and had gotten most of the way through their paperwork but were waiting for a few last details. they expected to be leaving near the end of this month or early next month but found out two days ago that they would be leaving this evening and returning in 3-4 weeks with their new daughter. it wasn't easy over the last two days getting everything arranged with tyler's schedule and figure out who would be caring for their birds, dog and cat. they quickly packed and got schedules taken care of and were off to chicago this afternoon to catch their plane to brussels and then to uganda. because of their tremendous faith they have decided to just follow god's plan for them and see where it takes them. they should be in uganda sometime tomorrow afternoon where they'll get to meet your beautiful daughter for the first time and, thanks to livingston (one of fiona's 'big brothers'), they'll have internet access and cell phones within a few days so they'll be updating their blog and skyping when they can. they'll be home in no time and these last few days will seem like nothing but until then, WE LOVE YOU!!!

oh yea, and a great big THANK YOU to the grahams for being two of the many people involved in the whole process and we can't wait to meet your new daughter rachael! travel safely and take lots of pictures, we'll be waiting to see the girls!!!

Friday, May 7, 2010

fashion aneurysm fridays

i realize that my opinion isn't really worth a hill of beans and that much of what i post here is either photos and stories of what's going on with the fam or showing you pictures of projects and sometimes i post commentary on what i like or don't like and that those things that i like and don't like are purely my own personal preference but recently, after a few well intentioned photos i placed online as a way to help the citizens of our fair city got some attention i've decided that i must blog occasionally about the state of what is considered acceptable clothing by the residents of mishawaka and it's surrounding areas. i realize that stacey and clinton can only do so much so i've decided to help them out.

i'm going to begin my commentary with a few examples of what have recently be renamed 'fashion aneurysms'. i hope this, if nothing else, at least gives everyone a good laugh, a reference point for dressing yourself (if you look in the mirror and think you may have seen that outfit here, quickly change), or at least some self asteem (hey, at least you look better, right?). please comment and feel free to email me anything you'd like to see posted.

we begin our tour of crazy with a girl i like to call stripperella:
i saw stripperella at a local mexican restaurant one night which, from the party going on, we could tell was her 21st birthday. now, the picture above doesn't fully explain the problem, just picture her with several more tequila shots in her system and that cute skirt she's wearing, continuously riding up higher and higher with every shot. yes, i understand that she's adorable, got a fairly decent body and is 21 so what's the problem? since when is it okay to let people see your cha-cha in public people? (hint: it's not!!!)

meet jungle joe, he was having a drink with some friends at a local bar. i'm sure stacey would say something like: 'if you're going to wear the lumberjack shirt, make sure you don't have the lumberjack hair and beard'this is lumpy linda: ladies, please please please, stop wearing pants that are so light and tight that even in a dark bar your bumps, lumps and lines show up like the lights on a christmas treei don't know how much more i can say about this, it really does speak for itself. cut off black pants, black socks, black shoes, all different shades of black with bright white legs and hair paired with pajamas in public and it's not a drugstore or doctors office (which, i give passes to sick people walking up to because sometimes you can't wear anything more than pjs when you're so very sick)and don't get me started on any of this... what happened to 'dress to impress' people? when did grocery shopping become so menial that we can't get dressed like civilized people...
alrighty, that's all for today, just some food for thought the next time you go to pick up some milk!

Sunday, May 2, 2010

yet another update...

to my birthday list can be found here. this is the second time i've added to it and it's only may. at least no one can say they didn't know what to get me :)

first 5k and practice for the olympics...

we did our first 5k of the year and it was a great fundraiser for breast cancer research & the Susan G Komen foundation!we also raced in celebration of lisa's friend kelly lindleythat's her, second from the left, with her daughter, our friend tab and my sister lisaand there's rich, one of the 'race marshals' who helped point us in the right directionand, i wish those were my calves but we all know i'm not that tan and my calves aren't anywhere close to that nice, but they're getting better and, as the title reads we also did some practice for the olympics, well, not exactly for the olympics, none of us are apolo ohno (more like and when it was time to try the cha cha slide on skates, forget it, dorcas and i sat out and watched everyone elsebut casi, paige & i did the funky chickenand i did manage to keep from falling until close to the end but it was only once and by then the camera was put away so there's no evidence! we went skating with the brodzinskis and several people from church this afternoon and i realized that it was kind of like riding a bike. not exactly as easy as i remember but still really really fun and i have a feeling that skating, like putt putt and bowling, will become one of those activites that we go out and do more often since we've been re-introduced to it. one of casi's friends had a birthday party at the skating rink a few months ago so she was pretty good and we tried to show paige how since she's never done it before but she has no concept of how to keep her feet together. and sara wasn't very confident (can you see the look of terror on her face? it's there, behind her smile!) and then paige stopped trying and wanted me to carry her (not easy on solid ground) so i let her crawl back to the edge while i skated and tried to keep my self off the floori think she'll be getting skates for her birthday since she did have fun and that way she'll be a pro by the time fiona gets here!

i really think that events like this are going to be great for the girls with all of the recent events in their lives and all of the drama that the 4th grade apparantly has. has anyone else noticed that kids are trying to grow up even faster than they used to? i would never have thought that having a good group of friends and a strong foundation in faith would be so important for casi and paige but the conversations we have after they get done at school shock me sometimes. i wasn't concerned with boys, much less having a boyfriend when i was in elementary school and now there is high drama if someone talks to someone else's boyfriend, much less is friends with them! anywho... before i turn this into a rant, i'm really glad that the youth program directors are doing such a great job to organize these events to give kids a good safe place to felowship and the adults some time to remember what fun it was to be a kid, thanks guys!!