Thursday, April 9, 2009

cupcakes and my horsey doggie

i'm very near sleep as i write this, so hopefully i don't ramble on for too long. after work tonight i went to the grocery and got enough stuff for a few dozen cupcakes and an egg cake (egg shaped that is). tomorrow is the company meeting and even though we usually get donuts rose suggested we do something different. at noon today making a few dozen cupcakes didn't seem like a big job, pretty easy, and they sell frosting in a can like whipped cream now so you just squirt it out in a pretty pattern and it's done...that was at noon. I got home from the grocery around 9pm and at that point i was thinking that i had lost my mind earlier and should just get donuts and be done, everyone loves the donuts from stone's and it wouldn't be a big deal. then i thought of our spending diet and how i just spent money on frosting, cake mix, cupcake papers, and it would be a waste to just put all of that in the cupboard and save it until i was ready to make some cupcakes so now, 3 hours later, we have cupcakes and an egg cake:i'm sure everyone at work will love them and it did give me some time with my kitchen aid and there's always a beater to lick and some frosting to taste test so other than the massive dose of sugar i'm sure to have in the morning, it was worth it. the only problem is that rockne is used to playing once we get home at night because she's in her crate all day so she was constantly barking at me to play even though i was trying to clean up and then decorate, she rarely barks but usually she's begun barking whenever she wants something and we're not paying enough attention. tonight she 'had to go out' much more than usual and most of her time was spent sniffing and running back and forth. once she finally started to calm down she just kept chewing on what was left of her bone but wouldn't move off of my feet. silly horsey doggie (that would be her new name if you haven't been around recently, it started once she hit the 60lb. mark and continued to run around like a newborn pony). she was jumping all over the furniture tonite (notice the missing sofa cushions and the big wrinkly spots in the others:and then after collapsing gave the innocent look that always melts her mommy's heart:
and even though she looks very cute now chewing on the last knot of her bone i must put her to bed before i fall asleep and wake up with a chewed up laptop. g'nite everyone and if i don't blog before that, happy easter!

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