Monday, March 29, 2010

living loofahs

we're watching Life on the discovery channel, today's topic: fish. i had no idea how hard fish parents work to make sure there is a next generation! sure, finding nemo is a cute movie, but these clown fish eggs are really the charge of their fathers until they hatch and the large groups of anchovies that move together? totally real, it's how they protect themselves from the very hungry sea lions. if josh is half as loving a father as the fish we've seen tonight our babies will be so loved. i'm amazed at how well all of these species were created to change and adapt as we humans have changed the world around them. hippos that get 'extreme makeovers' because the fish in the water they live in eat all of the ticks and mites off the hippos and there is a type of fish that use sharks as living loofahs to remove bacteria, parasites and dead scales... amazing

Friday, March 5, 2010

babyroom update...

no, no baby yet but the room is getting cleaned out and today's project was cleaning and protecting the wood floors and thanks to Restor-a-finish (sounds cheesy i know)the largest section of our floors now looks like thisand to top it all off, we had a double yolk in our straight from the farm eggs (thanks again dad)

Thursday, March 4, 2010

we've been busy...

we got some new towels from pottery barnwent to an ND basketball game with my sis, nieces & grandmafinally finished my scarf (just in time for spring)donated blood for the first time (thanks for suggesting that i go, it was good) and emptied everything out of and then dismantled the closet that was here
lots of things were in the closetlots and lots of thingsand now there's a new closet builtand tomorrow i'll show you the desk that made this closet project necessary and the room that's nearly finished... if only i could figure out why we had all of this crap in the closet to begin with. thankfully our recycle collectors are nice and took the 12 rolls of christmas wrapping paper and several boxes we were storing for no reason and i got to finish painting the footstool i picked up at the re-store for $7.50 and have a great place to organize and work on my photo projects. oh, and i made a mock-up invitation for the ayo-rader's wedding and am happy to announce that oscar (their dog) is going to be coming home tomorrow after his emergency spinal surgery and is said to be doing wonderfully.