Tuesday, April 14, 2009

seesters unplugged...

no, we weren't singing, we were just laughing and having a great time. tonight was girl's night out with the bennett/blankenship ladies at papa vino's. yay bread with oil and garlic! in attendance were sara & tyler, becky, grandma helen, and my mother-in-law sue. we much enjoyed the papa vino's usual bread and oil, although the bread was a bit dry tonight, not as good as usual. grandma helen, sue and i had a new dish, angelhair pasta with tilapia, shrimp and stuffed mushrooms (fantastic), sara had the pasta con pollo and becky had the chicken scalopini both of which looked super delicious. conversaton ranged from sara's upcoming surgery (she leaves for cleveland tomorrow and we're all praying that this is the last time) and tyler's random questons that confuse everyone but we still play along. tonight's question: 'who would win, tom cruise, james bond, nick cage, or chuck norris?' we ended up with 2 votes nick cage and 3 for chuck norris (he is chuck freakin norris after all!) but feel free to comment your feelings on the matter and i will pass them along to the boy so he can add your vote to the tally. after we ate i, as usual, got out my phone and decided to take some photos, to add to this blog (some of which you've already seen). who knew that tyler 'mr. i-need-to-be-the-center-of-attention' didn't want his picture taken unless he was doing something crazy or making a funny face. here are the results:he's quite the attention-getter and continued to 'not want his picture taken' into the car although it turned into more of a 'try to take my picture game' until we got back to grandma's house.and he laughed the whole way. once we got back to grandma's we played with paulyanna, chatted, drank some coffee and laughed. paulyanna is getting so big, she's probably close to 4 pounds now and is a big ball of fluff. her favorite game seems to be 'get the head' where she climbs all over tyler, licking his face and nibbling on his ears

she'll go to the vet on thursday so we'll find out exactly how big she's gotten in the past month. she was about a pound and a half just after st. patrick's day so she's definitely growing quickly, although, she'll always be super small compared to rockne the horsey doggie.

i guess that's all for tonight, keep your prayers with sara through her surgery on friday, luv ya seester!

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