Saturday, August 29, 2009

julie & julia

a must see movie for anyone that wants to see a good movie. i went with all my seesters and my mother-in-law today and think we need to go on a girl's movie date more often. i'm thinking i need to continue the cooking/blogging project i started many months ago when i got the biggest loser cookbooks. i wonder what i'll be cooking this week?

Friday, August 28, 2009

drive-thru grocery...

so my new facebook & blog buddy bonnie posted a blog tonight about drive-thrus and, long story short, how nice it would be to have a drive-thru grocery store. i remember a few months ago when casi told me she wished we had a chinese food drive-thru so that i could get her chinese quickly as an after school snack (what a girl she is!). now, i don't know if you know this or not but, martin's supermarket in heritage square has some darn good sushi. nothing fancy like the delish rainbow roll that denise and i had on our last sushi date but i'm getting off the subject... martin's is also set up for curbside pickup, so you don't have to schlep your groceries to the car in the snowy/rainy parking lot, you just drive up and they will help load your groceries which makes me think, why couldn't they have some sort of call-in drive-thru grocery service?

you could call in with (or use the circular posted online to create) your grocery list with brand, size, quantity, etc and they could pull the items for you, package them and have them ready when you arrive. depending on the items on your list/previous lists/current sales/etc they could suggest alternate items or additional quantities so you can stock up or get in on the glorious 2-fer that makes me feel like i'm somehow getting a better deal than i should. just give them your credit card number and just pull up to get your good loaded and you're done!

the only issue i see is that if you are like me, a picky produce buyer and, sadly, one of those annoying people that takes time to pick out milk based on the expiration date (the further out the better for me) you would probably have to do that part of the shopping yourself, and you couldn't reuse your handy shopping bags to get the 5 cent per bag credit, unless they had a bag-trade-in policy... i would totally pay a bit extra, maybe some sort of handling or processing fee like pizza hut and jimmy johns charge for delivering.

anyone else with me on this one? i have a sister-in-law that works at martin's and if we could get enough interested parties, how's that saying go "if you build it, they will come" no, wait... maybe "ask and ye shall receive"...

most amazing...

the ukraine really does have talent:

Monday, August 17, 2009

still crispy...

not quite 24 hours after i got crispy and all that's still red is the tops of my shoulders, if only they didn't hurt when wearing a bra... dang

Sunday, August 16, 2009

beach bums...

what a beautiful day god created for us to relax and bum around in the girls had lots of fun, they're such fishes in the water
and my seester and i baked and fried in the sun
and after we left the girls were happy but tiredand i'm crispy fried but happy, i will be brown in the morning and may have time to go to the beach later this week or on the weekend as long as the temperatures stay high and the sun is out!

Saturday, August 15, 2009

crazy day...

went outlet shopping with my seester and even though we got some great deals, like this new polo :the people watching was priceless. this is my main evidence that stacy & clinton from 'what not to wear' should regularly visit malls and restaurants:yes my friends, those are leggings that are, not only begging for mercy, but have their own 'air conditioning' aka.. holes all over the place and have been paired with a similarly fit black t-shirt. i don't really wonder what possessed her to wear those lovely leggings but i do wonder who, in their right mind, decided to not only design those, but also sell them to the unsuspecting public!

Friday, August 14, 2009

silly rabbit, tricks are for dogs...

rockne has a new trick she'd like to share with ya'll

imagine that, motivated by cheese-its, who knew?

and for those of you that think that big dogs are good protectors, i have proof that a 60# doberman definitely isn't the one ruling the roost:

that would be our cat, biting her giant paws while she lays there submissively taking it like a champ... who wouldda thunk it!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

i'm scrappy...

look what i can do (thanks to lauren and her cricut!)

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

a day with the girls...

i spent the day with my nieces at merrifield and notre dame taking their summer pictures and casi's birthday pictures. we're going to do another session next week since today was so blasted hot but we did get some great shots.
when did they get so big? i took paige's first professional photos when she was a week or two old and she'll be starting pre-k at the end of the month. i took casi's first professional photos for, i think, her 4th christmas and she's going to turn 10 in just a couple of weeks.

Friday, August 7, 2009

our 'little' linebacker...

our nephew tyler started rocket football this week, meaning full speed tackling, full pads and a big thick helmet. no more flags, no more easy downs, real hardcore football. as hardcore as football for elemantary and middleschoolers gets that is. it seems like only yesterday i met this little redheaded, freckled face boy that refused to call me anything but 'lady' and now, almost six years later, he's nearly as tall as i am and could easily tackle just about anyone given their lack of preparation!

check out this photo i found of baby tyler, a few years before i met him, this is where you can start to see his linebacker-like build, broad shoulders and a big thick head, perfect for tacklingand here he is 10 years later, ready for practice and sooo done with people taking his picture. if only he knew how many more times we'd be taking it in the upcoming years at games!
ha! i better have big strong boys like this once we procreate... he looks so darn cute in those pads and pants!

Monday, August 3, 2009

tony's birthday...

i forgot to blog about tony's birthday (happy birthday tony) which we celebrated saturday evening at mazatlan, lisa and i used it as a good excuse to have a margarita after our spectacular 5k.
the wait was long but well worth the delicious food, we did have them embarrass him with singing and the traditional wearing of a large sombrero
and then, of course, the children had to wear the hat (much nicer hat than you wear at hacienda but you don't get to keep it)and lisa took a while to show off her cherry-stem-tying skills, apparantly it's been a while since she's performed this trick!and then the girls put the hat on mike, he wasn't thrilled but was a good sport

grandma was able to come as well but she didn't get in any photos. we had a great time and even better food, lisa and i even found some healthy dishes that didn't ruin our diets which made it even better!

ais (asian inspired sunday)...

thank you daddy, sue & denise for contributing some delicious foods to our asian inspired dinner. dad made bulgogi which is delicious korean bbq steak, steamed white rice, steamed saffron rice, and bought several side dishes and a couple of desserts at the oriental market on grape road, most of which were korean. my mother-in-law sue made the most delicious egg rolls i've ever tasted, she uses wonton wrappers and puts this filling in that melts in your mouth. denise made some delicious bubble teas made from Thai tea and some wontons which we boiled before crisping up in the pan, and we feasted! the photos don't do the food justice so i'm not posting them but it was amazing!
you may notice that everyone's plates and glasses are pretty much empty, we all gobbled everything down before i could take pictures of it but having it in my belly is a better memory than having photos of it, although i think the wasabi peas may have gotten the best of chase!
after we finished our asian inspired feast the ayo-raders, chase, my mom and i played bang and had a great time, thanks everyone for coming over and sharing ais with us!!!

Saturday, August 1, 2009

5k results...

team bang finished the 5k today in "record time" aka. we finished faster than last timeat the start we all look very happy and ready to rock... is it the happiest place on earth for many of us and, even though just a workplace for the other two, it was a beautiful day and the sun was shining in our favorpat had to show off and finish very quickly since he hasn't run more than a couple of times since he got out of high school and denise only walked for a 1/4 mile which is awesome since she thought she'd be walking the whole second mile to rest
the four walkers did a great job keeping pace and not fnishing last... those medals we're all wearing are for finishing, not for placing high but finishing in a better time than the last time is our whole goal, well, second to not dying!

i even had enough energy left over to smile with the logan monkey

funniest email ever...

my husband, the man that has sent me maybe 5 emails the entire time we've been together, sent me the funniest email i have ever seen, check it out for yourself:
i know, i know, it's hilarious... i say this under the influence of only one margarita mug from mazatlan which i'll get into later so there may be funnier emails out there but i do not remember them so i'm calling this one the funniest ever and if you don't agree please forward me the email that tops your list!
i sent it to my sister, who also had a margarita tonight and called her as soon as i sent it so that i could listen to her and the girls laughing as they read it... it was histerical, just send these to someone you know and love and listen to them as they read it, it is truely one of the best sounds you'll ever hear!