Wednesday, May 12, 2010

away they go...

i just wanted to do a quick post to say how incredibly proud of and amazed at my sister-in-law and brother-in-law i am. as you know from my previous posts they are in the process of adopting an amazing beautiful girl from uganda and had gotten most of the way through their paperwork but were waiting for a few last details. they expected to be leaving near the end of this month or early next month but found out two days ago that they would be leaving this evening and returning in 3-4 weeks with their new daughter. it wasn't easy over the last two days getting everything arranged with tyler's schedule and figure out who would be caring for their birds, dog and cat. they quickly packed and got schedules taken care of and were off to chicago this afternoon to catch their plane to brussels and then to uganda. because of their tremendous faith they have decided to just follow god's plan for them and see where it takes them. they should be in uganda sometime tomorrow afternoon where they'll get to meet your beautiful daughter for the first time and, thanks to livingston (one of fiona's 'big brothers'), they'll have internet access and cell phones within a few days so they'll be updating their blog and skyping when they can. they'll be home in no time and these last few days will seem like nothing but until then, WE LOVE YOU!!!

oh yea, and a great big THANK YOU to the grahams for being two of the many people involved in the whole process and we can't wait to meet your new daughter rachael! travel safely and take lots of pictures, we'll be waiting to see the girls!!!

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