Friday, May 21, 2010

Fashion Aneurysms Abound!!

hey all! i hope you don't think that i missed faf on purpose or that all of a sudden things in indiana have become so great that we don't need fashion aneurysm friday, it's just that my phone has been wonky the last few weeks and my wonderful husband 'fixed' it yesterday in hopes to make it send emails again. long story short, once it was re-set it couldn't find the mail settings i needed so i couldn't send from any accounts including the one i could before it was 'fixed'. it took some time after work but it's finally working and i can get back to the important job i have in reporting the bad things i see.

So here we are at preschool graduation... i realize that not everyone gets really excited for the little milestones but the kids worked hard to learn some songs and we generally feel like it's important to dress appropriately. in my book this means that the guy in jeans and a ball cap is underdressed but not bad since it's a 20 minutes program and the kid's graduation hats were made from paper plates (super cute!) when your cut offs are so short that people don't realize you're wearing cut offs until you stand up though, we have a problem!and no, giant camo shorts with an oversized wrestling shirt and greasy hair is not appropriate dress either. stacy & clinton would shurely have a fit to see the lack of fit in this person's wardrobe. again, i realize that it's only preschool graduation but these parents had their children dressed up for the event so they had some sort of clue how to dress, they chose not to!this one was taken at the bowling alley and i'm pretty sure this girl is only 16 or so. Her shorts were cute and this top wouldn't have made this post if it weren't for the fact that the tank under the blue puffy/elasticized shirt was bigger and longer which should have been a clue that the blue shirt was a wee bit too small. if you have to wear something under it to keep your belly from hanging out, and it's not a suit jacket or something you're supposed to wear a shirt under, it's the wrong size!here's one i caught walking down the street. she's so petite that the faded black skinny jeans she's wearing (i'm pretty sure they're from the 1st round of skinny jeans circa 1991 - 1994) paired with the long sleeve harley shirt in a different shade of black worn with bright white canvas shoes make her look incredibly outdated. I'm sure stacy and clinton would say something about her needing a boot cut or straight leg pant here.

that's all for now folks, until next week!

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