Sunday, May 2, 2010

first 5k and practice for the olympics...

we did our first 5k of the year and it was a great fundraiser for breast cancer research & the Susan G Komen foundation!we also raced in celebration of lisa's friend kelly lindleythat's her, second from the left, with her daughter, our friend tab and my sister lisaand there's rich, one of the 'race marshals' who helped point us in the right directionand, i wish those were my calves but we all know i'm not that tan and my calves aren't anywhere close to that nice, but they're getting better and, as the title reads we also did some practice for the olympics, well, not exactly for the olympics, none of us are apolo ohno (more like and when it was time to try the cha cha slide on skates, forget it, dorcas and i sat out and watched everyone elsebut casi, paige & i did the funky chickenand i did manage to keep from falling until close to the end but it was only once and by then the camera was put away so there's no evidence! we went skating with the brodzinskis and several people from church this afternoon and i realized that it was kind of like riding a bike. not exactly as easy as i remember but still really really fun and i have a feeling that skating, like putt putt and bowling, will become one of those activites that we go out and do more often since we've been re-introduced to it. one of casi's friends had a birthday party at the skating rink a few months ago so she was pretty good and we tried to show paige how since she's never done it before but she has no concept of how to keep her feet together. and sara wasn't very confident (can you see the look of terror on her face? it's there, behind her smile!) and then paige stopped trying and wanted me to carry her (not easy on solid ground) so i let her crawl back to the edge while i skated and tried to keep my self off the floori think she'll be getting skates for her birthday since she did have fun and that way she'll be a pro by the time fiona gets here!

i really think that events like this are going to be great for the girls with all of the recent events in their lives and all of the drama that the 4th grade apparantly has. has anyone else noticed that kids are trying to grow up even faster than they used to? i would never have thought that having a good group of friends and a strong foundation in faith would be so important for casi and paige but the conversations we have after they get done at school shock me sometimes. i wasn't concerned with boys, much less having a boyfriend when i was in elementary school and now there is high drama if someone talks to someone else's boyfriend, much less is friends with them! anywho... before i turn this into a rant, i'm really glad that the youth program directors are doing such a great job to organize these events to give kids a good safe place to felowship and the adults some time to remember what fun it was to be a kid, thanks guys!!

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