Friday, May 7, 2010

fashion aneurysm fridays

i realize that my opinion isn't really worth a hill of beans and that much of what i post here is either photos and stories of what's going on with the fam or showing you pictures of projects and sometimes i post commentary on what i like or don't like and that those things that i like and don't like are purely my own personal preference but recently, after a few well intentioned photos i placed online as a way to help the citizens of our fair city got some attention i've decided that i must blog occasionally about the state of what is considered acceptable clothing by the residents of mishawaka and it's surrounding areas. i realize that stacey and clinton can only do so much so i've decided to help them out.

i'm going to begin my commentary with a few examples of what have recently be renamed 'fashion aneurysms'. i hope this, if nothing else, at least gives everyone a good laugh, a reference point for dressing yourself (if you look in the mirror and think you may have seen that outfit here, quickly change), or at least some self asteem (hey, at least you look better, right?). please comment and feel free to email me anything you'd like to see posted.

we begin our tour of crazy with a girl i like to call stripperella:
i saw stripperella at a local mexican restaurant one night which, from the party going on, we could tell was her 21st birthday. now, the picture above doesn't fully explain the problem, just picture her with several more tequila shots in her system and that cute skirt she's wearing, continuously riding up higher and higher with every shot. yes, i understand that she's adorable, got a fairly decent body and is 21 so what's the problem? since when is it okay to let people see your cha-cha in public people? (hint: it's not!!!)

meet jungle joe, he was having a drink with some friends at a local bar. i'm sure stacey would say something like: 'if you're going to wear the lumberjack shirt, make sure you don't have the lumberjack hair and beard'this is lumpy linda: ladies, please please please, stop wearing pants that are so light and tight that even in a dark bar your bumps, lumps and lines show up like the lights on a christmas treei don't know how much more i can say about this, it really does speak for itself. cut off black pants, black socks, black shoes, all different shades of black with bright white legs and hair paired with pajamas in public and it's not a drugstore or doctors office (which, i give passes to sick people walking up to because sometimes you can't wear anything more than pjs when you're so very sick)and don't get me started on any of this... what happened to 'dress to impress' people? when did grocery shopping become so menial that we can't get dressed like civilized people...
alrighty, that's all for today, just some food for thought the next time you go to pick up some milk!

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