Friday, April 16, 2010

my birthday list (updated)...

yes, i realize that my birthday isn't for several more months but this is as good a place as any to make a list that i won't loose between now and then and ya'll can see what i'm loving right now!

  1. Jamie's Dinners: The Essential Family Cookbook by Jamie Oliver
  2. a corkscrew willow tree (or a well rooted start from someone else's tree... hint hint)
  3. Martha Stewart's Baking Handbook
  4. Martha Stewart Threader Edge Punch

i think that's all for now but i'll be updating soon

update 1:

  1. glass bowl for my kitchenaid
  2. digital kitchen scale
  3. time and a reason to make a rainbow cake (maybe an all pink rainbow for paige's birthday)
  4. a brown t-shirt with one of michelle's hoot hoots (she calls it dottie but i'm a tard so hoot hoot it is), so adorable
  5. J.Crew Martina Pumps in soft wisteria
  6. an ipod... so that i have tunes to listen to while i paint/strip wallpaper/decorate/power shop/etc

okay, that's all for now, there were more things but i cannot for the life of me remember... hmmm

update 2 (5/2):

  1. any of the lego architecture kits, i would really LOVE falling water or the guggenheim but any of the major skyscrapers would be great too
  2. the complete adventures of curious george or the treasury of curious george

the lego kit was the one i kept forgetting, it always came to me randomly, esp when josh was trying to use his computer and i wasn't wanting to vacate the seat and the curious george books could wait until i have children but if i didn't write it down i would totally forget!!

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Lisa said...

That is a brilliant idea - I always have these random things that I want and by the time our birthday's get here...I can't remember what I wanted! Will have to add mine to my blog!