Friday, May 14, 2010

it's friday... here's a look at this week's fashion aneurysm. the first pic you see was taken quite some time ago and i stumbled across it while doing some editing. can anyone spot the aneurysm here? not the guys in the button downs or polo, or that cute pink dress denise is wearing. yes, it is the bright yellow nascar shirt paired with the yellow and black CAT hat. why is this a problem? it wouldn't be if were just hanging out 'cause that's just brian and how he dresses himself without supervision. at least it was clean, matching, tucked in, and it fit. this was a problem because the rest of us had just finished a lovely dinner at a local japanese restaurant where we were fairly dressed up and this is how brian chose to dress up. i know it's not criminal since this is indiana but it's all i had.

or at least, all i thought i had to post today and then my sister emailed me a link to this:
how the heck did i miss that? i really need to keep up on my celebrity news. thanks mariah and nick, priceless!

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Lisa said...

Mariah is a total train wreck, isn't she? What in God's name possessed her to wear that sweatsuit with those shoes??