Friday, July 31, 2009

team bang prepares...

we gathered, we ate, we crafted. team bang (in honor of our new favorite game) gathered tonight to decorate our logan's run shirts, eat a delicious healthy dinner and make a quick plan about meeting tomorrow. instead of taking photos while we were decorating, we talked and ate so you can't see our delicious dinner but you will see our shirts in tomorrows photos. my show and tell for tonight is this:
an amazing dessert my sister found at sam's club that is sugar free and has only 14 caloies per bar. for those of you not following the weight watchers points plan, that means zero points which means zero guilt and 100% happiness. i've been told by my seester they are less than $7 for 30 of these delicious bars which means that they're budget friendly as well (good find seester!!!) and now to sleep, perchance to dream... of a 45 minute 5k. g'nite!

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