Sunday, July 12, 2009

so very busy...

the second room in my big project at sue's was started this week, the master suite... here is the only shot of the 'before' that shows the very matchy-matchy bedding, curtains and lovely wallpaper border. what you can't really see is that the walls were a decently lovely soft green but still very dated. what was worse was the master bathroom, incredibly dated and soooo ready to be gone, see:
wallpaper in these kind of patterns should have been outlawed! on the up side, it did come down relatively easy and after patching just a bit, painting, new bedding and curtains it's much improved.
now we just need to find artwork, accessories and a medicine cabinet and shelves and the room will be complete.
i had to get the hard part of that project done this week because next week starts vbs (vacation bible school) at church and i've volunteered to help my sister and brother-in-law, the vbs coordinators and kids worship leaders at our church. casi & paige will be attending so it's a good opportunity for me to help out and spend time with the girls too. this year's theme is 'son rock kids camp' so the whole church has been turned into a campsite for the week (minus a few hours tomorrow when it will be turned back into a church for a funeral). here's a small part of what we got done todayi'll try to get some of the photos of the classrooms set up as their own camp sites. i'll be there all week as well as trying to find all of the finishing touches for the rooms at sue's. if anyone has any ideas about what to add to the rooms i'll welcome your ideas!

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