Saturday, July 18, 2009

the end of an era (or at least a very long week)...

yesterday was the end of vbs 2009 and it was a huge success:
5 great days of singing & learning fun which was displayed during the program on friday night 100 happy children and their families nearly 400 items collected for hope ministries which more than filled the 17 foot canoe we borrowed as a propand all sorts happy memories for everyone. it makes me wonder how we made it through some days but knowing my extreme amount of sleepyness only makes me wonder how sara, dave, lisa, joe and all of the other teachers and volunteers survived it since most of them have kids and were working on it so much longer than i was. once the program was over and the last parents left we went to hacienda for some well deserved margaritas, dave even had them sing to joe since it was his birthday a few days ago!

thanks for letting me come along on this amazing journey, i feel totally blessed that i was able to participate and even though it probably sounds crazy, i'm in for next year, ready to help any way i can!

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