Friday, July 31, 2009

me and my gang...

tomorrow is 5k race day for logan's center so tonight lauren and i will pick up the race packets and bring them back to my house were we, the ayo-raders (pat & denise) & my seester lisa will decorate shirts to our hearts content and enjoy some delicious dinner... we're going to grill chicken and asparagus, bake zucchini fries and red potatoes, make some noodles (gotta have some carbs!) and have a salad (if it sounds a bit heavy on the veggies it is, but they're zero points for weight watchers and delicious!!! if we decorate and eat in a timely fashion we may play some bang too, i'll be posting photos and race results tomorrow, wish us luck !!!
if you'd like to run/walk in the morning feel free to come join us, registration details are at the're having a free family fun fest tomorrow as well with bouncy houses and other stuff for the itty-bitties!

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