Saturday, August 1, 2009

funniest email ever...

my husband, the man that has sent me maybe 5 emails the entire time we've been together, sent me the funniest email i have ever seen, check it out for yourself:
i know, i know, it's hilarious... i say this under the influence of only one margarita mug from mazatlan which i'll get into later so there may be funnier emails out there but i do not remember them so i'm calling this one the funniest ever and if you don't agree please forward me the email that tops your list!
i sent it to my sister, who also had a margarita tonight and called her as soon as i sent it so that i could listen to her and the girls laughing as they read it... it was histerical, just send these to someone you know and love and listen to them as they read it, it is truely one of the best sounds you'll ever hear!

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