Monday, July 6, 2009

big big projects..

since i have quite a bit of time on my hands, not working and all, my mother-in-law has let me loose on her second floor. the guest bathroom is the only room on the second floor that isn't getting a makeover. the first room we started with used to be josh's when he was at home and sue had already taken down the very dated wallpaper, repaired the walls and painted it blue. the problem is that she HATED how it turned out. the white furniture against the blue walls and just looked blah:but i came to the rescue, painted all of the furniture pieces black, hung some old family phots and a painting that josh's grandfather did almost 50 years ago that has been sitting in the basement and she loves it. we have a few more things to put in, a light fixutre to change and a valance to make and we'll be done but so far it looks a thousand times better than it did before and the room feels like a welcoming space to relax instead of a room where lots of miscellaneous furniture was being stored. next up will be the master bedroom and what used to be becky's room, followed by sara's former bedroom room which is now an office and lastly the master bathroom which needs some serious help.

along with all of that i've also volunteered to help my sister-in-law with vacation bible school at church and help some other family and friends with their design projects... what have i gotten myself into??? here are the outside photos of the diamond lake house that i'm gong to do some work once the inside finishing work is done. first, a view from the street which is technically the back of the house and then the lake view, it's so beautiful:

i can't wait to get started, tom & elaine have made some amazing decisions already and i only hope that i can help make the rest of the process a bit easier for her!

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