Monday, August 3, 2009

tony's birthday...

i forgot to blog about tony's birthday (happy birthday tony) which we celebrated saturday evening at mazatlan, lisa and i used it as a good excuse to have a margarita after our spectacular 5k.
the wait was long but well worth the delicious food, we did have them embarrass him with singing and the traditional wearing of a large sombrero
and then, of course, the children had to wear the hat (much nicer hat than you wear at hacienda but you don't get to keep it)and lisa took a while to show off her cherry-stem-tying skills, apparantly it's been a while since she's performed this trick!and then the girls put the hat on mike, he wasn't thrilled but was a good sport

grandma was able to come as well but she didn't get in any photos. we had a great time and even better food, lisa and i even found some healthy dishes that didn't ruin our diets which made it even better!

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