Friday, August 7, 2009

our 'little' linebacker...

our nephew tyler started rocket football this week, meaning full speed tackling, full pads and a big thick helmet. no more flags, no more easy downs, real hardcore football. as hardcore as football for elemantary and middleschoolers gets that is. it seems like only yesterday i met this little redheaded, freckled face boy that refused to call me anything but 'lady' and now, almost six years later, he's nearly as tall as i am and could easily tackle just about anyone given their lack of preparation!

check out this photo i found of baby tyler, a few years before i met him, this is where you can start to see his linebacker-like build, broad shoulders and a big thick head, perfect for tacklingand here he is 10 years later, ready for practice and sooo done with people taking his picture. if only he knew how many more times we'd be taking it in the upcoming years at games!
ha! i better have big strong boys like this once we procreate... he looks so darn cute in those pads and pants!

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