Monday, August 3, 2009

ais (asian inspired sunday)...

thank you daddy, sue & denise for contributing some delicious foods to our asian inspired dinner. dad made bulgogi which is delicious korean bbq steak, steamed white rice, steamed saffron rice, and bought several side dishes and a couple of desserts at the oriental market on grape road, most of which were korean. my mother-in-law sue made the most delicious egg rolls i've ever tasted, she uses wonton wrappers and puts this filling in that melts in your mouth. denise made some delicious bubble teas made from Thai tea and some wontons which we boiled before crisping up in the pan, and we feasted! the photos don't do the food justice so i'm not posting them but it was amazing!
you may notice that everyone's plates and glasses are pretty much empty, we all gobbled everything down before i could take pictures of it but having it in my belly is a better memory than having photos of it, although i think the wasabi peas may have gotten the best of chase!
after we finished our asian inspired feast the ayo-raders, chase, my mom and i played bang and had a great time, thanks everyone for coming over and sharing ais with us!!!

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