Wednesday, January 27, 2010

way cool...

i am a big fan of cool kitchen gadgets but i really hate anything that makes more work out of something than less. this though, may be one thing i seriously consider buying because the results are worth the extra effort they require. they're cookie cutters from william sonoma that you slide letters onto to put words on cookies. they're not for you to ice over which is great (wilton makes a thing for you to press into frosting or onto cookies but it's just a template to ice over, not worth it to me since i was never good about coloring inside the lines, i'd rather free-form it!) and the letters don't get all scrunched back up. i know there are several cookie cutters that make an impression on the dough but then when it bakes they get all scrunced and flat and you have no idea what they were supposed to look like but this looks different! no idea if it actually works for real humans (ie: me & my sister) so i'll be waiting until they go on sale before jumping in. if you want to see them in action check out the video here

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