Saturday, January 2, 2010

thai food saturday...

dinner at noodle alley, an awesome thai place with a hilarious waitress. she seriously asked us if we ordered dumplings as an appetizer even though we were the only table that hadn't gotten any food yet, the other occupied table was well into their meal by the time we ordered and instead of going back home for our food coma naps we went to play games at mega play. none of us have been there in what seems like forever (they've been open for 17 years) so we had to play the games where you 'win' tickets to 'buy' rediculous prizes (we're still a couple hundred short to get the stuffed dog i like that costs 750 tickets or several hours and probably $40+) but as of november 20, 2006 the 'price is subject to change without notice so we better hurry back and win enough tickets to get it (pat questioned my taking a photo of the sign but since it was printed in 2006 and it's officially 2010 i thought it was worth the 5 seconds it took) then we went to the arcade side where pat and denise showed off their DDR skillsor, maybe not skills, these are their gradesand i realized how bad i've gotten at frogger & pacman. it really was a great time had by all and we've decided that we need to do this more often, espcially since it's approximately the same price as going to a movie but this way we get to talk, laugh, act like children and make fun of the teenagers that have decided to 'reserve' the air-hockey tables even though they weren't playing. it also keeps us from having to choose a movie and rush through dinner to get to there on time. our next adventure? king gyros (so the boys don't have to 'hunt' for something on the menu that they'll eat) followed by whatever we think of doing... maybe a food coma nap

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