Saturday, September 19, 2009

shoes are made for walkin...

the salmon chase was today in downtown south bend and lisa, casi, paige and i did the 5k 'fitness walk' and it was our best 5k thus far. we finished in 56.5 minutes which is nearly 2 minutes off our last walk and this time we had paige's stroller and dealt with her getting in and out of it, along with pushing it (and her) up and down some hills i had no idea were even near downtownand the walk, which started around 8am was a rare moment for us to get a glimpse of the next generation of seestersand then paige did the 'guppy run' which was a short course for kids (ages 2-7) with each age group running in their own 'heats' she did great and got a ribbon for participating which made her so proud of herself. you know it's funny, even though i had been up until 2:30 this morning prepping for the september birthday bash (party for all of our friends and family with september birthdays) i wasn't really exhausted, my feet are sore but i don't feel like i am going to die so to that's awesome! for now i'm off to bed so i can get some sleep before making a big breakfast then going to our family reunion tomorrow, g'nite

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