Wednesday, September 9, 2009

a birthday and a blueberry...

matt's 30th birthday party was this weekend and it was luau themed so we dressed in our luau besteven mcgee had his hawaiian shirt on
lauren's dad roasted a pig, and was kind enough to keep the head for displayand we ate him, and the amazing egg rolls that matt's mom made and i did the cake... which turned out pretty darn well if i do say so myself (and yes, i made those flower candies for the cupcakes too)
and matt opened his presentsthen, on sunday lisa and i made a spur of the moment trip to the blueberry festival and had a great time. paige decided it was a good place for a photo-op
and for her to practice swingingand lisa and i decided it was a great place for people watching, please stacey & clinton, come to northern indiana and feature some of these people that obviously don't know what not to wear. her outfit may not look bad but what you don't see are the giant gold earrings and sunglasses to add to the black and gold outfitthis is self explanatoryand i think you all know i love plaid but this is just wrong but not as bad as this halloween outfit, yes folks, those are black socks with black slip-on tennis shoes and an orange and black purse to match!
all in all, a busy weekend but great picture taking and a fabulous time spent with family!
this week i'm going to be doing a lot of finishing touches at sue's and then i'll post the final photos. if you know anyone looking for some design help please pass my name along, i think i picked up a couple of prospective clients tonight at sue & sara's lia sophia party which is promissing but i can always use more!!!

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Patrick said...

You want to see some ugly folk? it's almost scary