Saturday, November 17, 2012

a quick christmas project...

i have a problem... i like to buy my christmas gifts all year long and then, i forget about them... not all of them,  mind you, i usually go though and figure out what i've got this time of year so i can make my black friday shopping list.  every year though, there are a few things i realize i've missed, or i know i bought and i can't find, or a few things i find as i'm putting away my decorations.  to hopefully combat that though, i've created this nifty list.  so nifty, in fact, i'll let you download the .pdf and print it for yourself!

inventory sheet front
inventory sheet back

the plan is to go through all of my gift storage and keep each person's haul listed together in each box... in fact, for my own personal sheet i added each person's name as a sort-of watermark on each box, super simple! 

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