Monday, September 17, 2012

farmhouse glam with a touch of urban funk...

quick post just because i need to share.

i took the homegoods stylescope quiz after the fine folks at young house love linked up to it and found out that my style is apparently 'farmhouse glam' with a touch of 'urban funk' which, surprisingly, sounds about right... it definitely gives me a good direction to head in while revamping our very beige living room.  i'm so ready to start playing with more color in here.  i feel like we started so well with our new gallery wall (which yes, is still in progress but getting much closer to finished) but now i'm stuck trying to find ways to bring in lots of teal & turquoise and maybe even some orange for fall. i guess we'll see!  in the mean time, head on over to the homegoods stylescope quiz and see what you are!

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