Sunday, December 27, 2009

O Tannenboing, O Tannenboing...

another random blog find: the tannenboing, retail price $795.00 + $75 shipping which is currently being covered by the website but still, $795.00 for a tree which, while happily sustanable and eco-friendly, large & modern looking does remind me of the paper trees children make in school and much more reminds me of something my cat would try to climb and the dog would try to jump through to get to the cat hiding behind it if the cost was more reasonable i may be tempted to try it.. might be, might not

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Michele said...

Hi Vicki,
I saw your post on the Tannenboing. Wanted to let you know that the price has dropped to $395 (plus shipping). By selling directly to the public, I am able to reduce the price in half. Wanted to let you know, just in case that cat has lost the interest in batting ornaments.
Michele at Tannenboing