Sunday, January 1, 2012

a very crafty chrismas...

i really wish i could have kept you updated on my christmas crafting but some of you lovely readers are my dear friends and family members and it could have ruined christmas!! well, maybe not ruined it, maybe just spoiled it.  i'll be taking you through the things i made, mostly inspired by pinterest, duh...

i found several yarn wreaths popping up on pinterest and just knew i'd have to make some.  the first i did took forever, seriously, like 4-5 hours of wrapping the wreath form... then i realized a couple of things.  the first being that i didn't need to wrap the yarn super tight and try to do it all in one layer, especially since most of the online tutorials show two or three layers. the second thing i realized is that i should use a much thicker yarn to take up more space faster, it worked wonders!

first up, an all white wreath for my grandma

soft white yarn wrapped around a straw wreath form, white poinsettia flowers and a few berry picks from the floral department

the next was a tan wreath for my sister
 it's got burgundy felt flowers, a red berries pick and a few burgundy buds from a full stem of flowers that didn't get used, all topped off by a green bird (seester is bird obsessed!)

the last is a grey wreath with white and burgundy poinsettias for my mother-in-law, i like it so much i may make one for myself!

if you need a tutorial there's a good one here.  tomorrow i'll show you another yarn craft adapted from pinterest!

btw - my posts aren't sponsored by pinterest, i'm just a big fan

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