Sunday, October 9, 2011

lots of projects...

there's been a lot going on around here this summer... i got a new camera and have forced this girlie to sit in my yard and take lots of photos.  poor paige!

i also spent some quality time with my seester refinishing an awesome dresser turned buffet that we found at the salvation army for only $30 which is now red and... what is that above her buffet?

these awesome pinterest inspired scrabble blocks? yep, made those too, with some help from the jhubs for her birthday!  ready for a quick tutorial, it's super easy.  get a 4x4 post, cut into 1.5" thick blocks, stencil on the necessary letters with coordinating scrabble point values, add a coat of light oak stain and, voila!

they turned out so good in fact that my sister-in-law modified the original tutorial, used paint and a different stencil font, and gave them as a gift to one of her friends, they turned out amazing!

i also started making origami flowers for an upcoming wedding and am really psyched about how they've turned out as well.  following a tutorial i googled (origami paper flowers) they came together really easily thanks to some binder clips, glue & some other little clips i found

see, you make the petals individually and then wait for the glue to dry them closed (thanks to the binder clips, really, seriously, hardcore thanks!)

then you glue each of the petals to each other until you make a flower of either 5 or 6 petals and use either paper clips or some of these little clips (no idea where they came from but i'd guess walmart) to hold the sides of each petal to another petal.

they turned out super cute and after i add buttons or some sort of sparkle to the centers and wired stems i'll show you the rest, i'm really excited about how cute they are!

that's all for now, hopefully i'll have the update for you sooner rather than later!

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