Sunday, August 14, 2011

we're craftastic!

my seester and i saw this and this over on pinterest and knew that a crayon wreath would be amazing for the girlies' teachers as a back-to-school or christmas gift.  last week we decided that after church we'd make a final trip to the local pool and then we'd work on them...  fast forward to today, it's rainy and cool (low to mid 70s) so we're not heading to the pool.  after church, lunch and a quick snack run (we always need snacks for crafting...snacks and giant mcd's diet coke that is!)

we started with two (two girlies = two teachers) chipboard/wood wreath forms that both got quick coats of red spray paint

then i had to figure out how to attach the ribbon hangers and make a bow at the top.  after some trial and error i figured out that putting a large loop of ribbon on each wreath hanger and then tying a bow separately and threading the bow onto the closed ribbon loop would be the best solution and not have any seams showing

then we started gluing down the crayons next to each other to make the sunburst pattern... this is not a good method because things get very crooked very quickly

after jhubs so lovingly pointed out the problem (quote: 'that's super crooked and you're doing it wrong') he suggested a better method that had us place the crayons on the vertices first (picture a clock - not a digital one though) put the crayons at 12, 3, 6 & 9 first, followed by 1:30, 4:30, 7:30 & 10:30 and fill them in section by section by subdividing each section to fill in the spaces.

after figuring this out it, the whole process went very quickly, i'd say start to finish it took about 40 minutes per wreath but i didn't really time it.  i hung one inside my back door for a few pictures and played with the bow placement

sorry it's dark but i definitely like the bow a bit further down

here's the cost breakdown, not sure that ya'll need it but i like to keep track and this is the best way for me to do it:

wreath forms: $3.99 at michaels (not enough advanced planning to pick them up with coupons but we will next time!)
crayons: $1.20 for three 24 count packs of crayons at target (yay for $.40 crayons at back to school time!)
ribbon: $3.99 at michaels - 25% off coupon
total: less than $10!! which is way less than some flowers or something else and it lasts ways longer, plus i love the way it turned out and i really hope their teachers do!!

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