Wednesday, June 15, 2011


can i just tell you how obsessed i've become with pinterest and how it's taking up all of my time. it started a few weeks ago after one of my mangers mentioned how cool it was and that she was totally addicted and then, within a day or two i was reading my new favorite blog, Young House Love (i'll probably have a post all about their brilliance later) Sherry was posting about mother's day and how her brilliant husband checked out her pinterest board to see what to get her for mother's day... i told you he was brilliant! i figured that if two people who's style i admire that much were totally in love with this new thing called 'pinning' that i had better try it out.

long story short, my sister and i have been co-contributing to some of her boards so that we don't continuously re-pin each other's pins, and i'm really upset that there's no pinterest app for android at least there isn't one yet... my addiction to pinning and re-pinning is, well, it's almost getting out of hand... but i just can't stop myself, it's a beautiful thing! want to see my boards or my sisters? i think you should... then join pinterest and start pinning things... then i can see your pins and share them

but seriously, check out Young House Love and Pinterest i hope you'll love them as much as i do!

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