Wednesday, July 14, 2010

busy busy busy...

it has been the week of projects around the bennett house! with a few less hours at work this week and projects for other people on my schedule i figured it was time to get some of our projects done too! josh had his own list, mainly getting our fascia fixed so we can get new gutters. josh, pat and bruce (josh's dad) worked very hard this weekend, ripped off the gutters and fascia, replaced a lot of boards, new fascia and now we're ready for gutters!!!my projects included cleaning out and organizing our bedroom and bathroom closets and cabinets... my nail polish drawer was a wreck, i took out about 2/3 of the bottles of polish and put everything i ususally hunt everywhere for in the drawer
for anyone that knows me, you know that i love my shoes, the high heels, the low heels the tennis shoes and the sandals, all my favs! my poor husband on the other hand, is not a shoe person and, unfortunately for him, doesn't have enough pairs to necessitate that my shoes stay on my side of the closet, until today that is. i got two new shoe racks (adjustable and sturdy, thank you walmart!) and organized and (shockingly enough) even got rid of a few pairs, donation style. here's josh's side:

and even though my side starts just left of the middle as you can tell, and goes onto the floor under the rack, everything except barely worn work boots are in the closet and out of a pile
paige is very happy to model my shoes as we cleaned them out of the closet
i'll post more projects once they're finished, i'm off to clean off some shelves while watching agt (america's got talent)

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