Friday, October 2, 2009

i never thought it would happen...

... and since i was there to witness it and will be providing pictures there's no way anyone can say 'pics or it didn't happen'.

for those of you that aren't aware of the amazing thing that transpired, let me first give you some background. our story begins long ago (the fall of 1980 to be exact) at mishawaka high school, a couple years before i was born to be exact. mishawaka high school beat their biggest cross-town rival, penn high school in one of those 'who saw it coming' football games. Since that day in the fall 1980, every time mishawaka and penn played football it has been one of those must-see games. several times the score was close, several other times it was a total blow-out and our cavemen (mishawaka) walked off the field with their heads hanging low and fans devastated. we always got pumped up at the friday pep-rally's saying 'this will be the year' and every time we lost. seriously, not a single win against the penn football team in the 28 years that followed. the last fews years have been heartbreakers, near wins, penalties that caused a loss and even some bad calls that both sides thought cost the game for the cavemen. tonight was completely different. mom, lisa, casi, paige & i left lisa's house around 6pm tonight, an hour before the game was supposed to start, and by the time we got there it was hard to find a parking spot and the crowds were crazy. we found some of the last available seats and watched as the crowds filled the stadium and then started filling space on the track. this is the first time i've seen them allow track seating for anyone other than the handicapped. we got our hotdogs (love a $1 hotdog at the game) and prepared for the game to start. i know paige doesn't look happy here but she was really hoping to be the one taking the picturethe girls cheering with the pompons they got from chic-fil-ai won't bother with the play-by-play but we scored, they scored, then we scored and kept scoring to a final score of 26-10!!! during the last quarter they allowed people to get onto the track and wait until the end to rush the field. hundreds of past, current and future students were out there, but not a single person i recognized that i could go celebrate on the field with so we watched them rush the field
and we celebrated the win we weren't sure if we'd ever see which was truely amazing!

not only did lisa and i both graduate from mishawaka but our dad did as well, and knowing that casi & paige will eventually go to mishawaka made it an extra emotional evening for us.


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