Monday, June 15, 2009

so many updates, so little time...

it's been a couple weeks of crazy but i thought i should at least update everyone on what's be going on around the bc (bennett compound). i am still unemployed but we have gotten more done around the house and i'm still applying like crazy. i've got a couple of contacts that i'm hoping to hear from this week so keep your fingers crossed. the beauty of the situation though is that i've been able to spend some nuch needed time with friends and family and spend time searching out what i really want to be involved in. one day last week i got to take my nieces to the park by my house and no trip to the park would be complete without taking the dog so here's the girls with their favorite horsey doggie:

we had a great time playing on the swings and the slides and rockne did great laying in the shade, not running crazy all around. casi found a caterpiller that she tried to keep as long as possible but before leaving the park she put it in a tree to roam freely. we also did some shopping for my grandma's kitchen redesign that we're working on but didn't have much luck, i'll blog about that later.

i've also be able to spend some much needed girl-time with my sisters and mother-in-law. my sister-in-law, dr. becky (couldn't resist calling her "doctor", ha) has 2 psychology offices in michigan but spends most of her time at the office in st. joe, a historical home that, after many years and lots of $$$ is getting close to completion. it's a beautiful place and i hadn't gotten to see it yet so getting to see the office was awesome and needless to say, she's been crazy busy so it was great to spend time together just relaxing, shopping, eating, etc and all in beautful st. joe! plus, both of my sisters-in-law and i are similar in size so some of the clothes she was planning on getting rid of fit me and i got some great sweaters and tops from her (thanks becky!!!) and sara got some new shoes, love the free clothes swap! the other great thing about her being in st. joe is that, as you probably know, st. joe's downtown has great shops and restaurants and is a great place to spend the afternoon even if it is raining to much to go to the beach, i guess we'll just have to go back again soon to enjoy the sun and sand! the restaurant she chose for us was basically a chinese subway/salad bar of sorts, you choose your own stir-fry ingredients, turn it over to the chef (this guy): and bam! a few minutes later you have a delicious bowl of food and other than narrowing down the countless choices it's very, very easy. They also have this amazing flatbread (called roti bread) that comes with your food, absolutely amazing as you can see from the pics below:
and the way cute to-go containers full of leftovers
which made a great lunch
after lunch we drove through a few of the subdivisions to look at the super cute beach houses that cost way more than they should:
shopped around a bit, went to lots of cute boutiques and art shops and a good florist/gourmet gift shop where i bought an amazing cheeseball mix and my mother-in-law got some really good dip mixes. you can't go to st. joe without getting icecream at kilwin's. everyone's was delicious and even my nephew tyler found his favorite, chocolate peanutbutter:now, i know it looks like he's wearing lipstick but its really just chocolate smeared all over his very cute face. after returning to becky's for some coffee and the clothes sorting mentioned earlier we returned to mishawaka for dave's birthday (dave is sara's husband, tyler's dad). our ride home was great and we had a special treat, seester sara seranaded us with her version of delta dawn, accompanied by tyler, take a listen:
i won't mention which number birthday it was for him but we had a great time. the food was great and after cake and presents we discussed their family goal for the summer, to walk 500 miles (combined). sara had mentioned that they routed a few streets in their neighborhood that were 1 mile routes and since they had to go take care of a neighbor's guinea pigs anyway we went for a walk. other than the one 'skeeda bite i got (as paige would say) i had a great time.

on sunday we had pizza instead of chinese and josh, matt & pat got to play halo 3. lauren, my dad and i had a couple bottles of wine and had a nice evening. we found out just before we ate that denise had just boarded her plane for dublin after giving a paper at a conference in new york and since i haven't heard anything since then i'm guessing it all went okay, come home soon denise, i want to take you to the chinese place in st. joe!!!

monday was the start of my 5k training (5k walking that is) for the summerfest race which is in a little less than 2wks. lisa definitely is and i think my mom will be walking too. since it was blazing hot outside we did a shorter route, 1.5 miles but we may go on the longer route wednesday.

i guess that's all for tonight since the horsey is licking my face asking to go out. have a good day everyone!

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